Paperless classroom? How to put teachers’ fears to rest?

As the Technology teacher, I am a big proponent of the paperless classroom trend.

My computer lab houses the shared printers for our middle school’s 1-1 Laptop Program.  Day in and day out I see tons of paper wasted by careless and excessive printing by students.  Right now, there are (I just counted) 37 papers left over from Friday that were printed and not picked up.  Multiply that times 180 days in a school year and that’s over 6000 pieces of wasted paper!!  There has to be a better way!

I have encouraged teachers to use our school’s Google Apps for Education account to allow students to turn in papers online, but I’m getting resistance and doubt.  Many of the teachers have valid concerns.

1 – We need some professional development time for teachers to become more comfortable with the use of #GAFE and Google Classroom.  Many know the basics, but don’t know how to maximize its full potential.

2 – Students need specific training and practice as well.  They know how to use Google Docs, but require more frequent use and practice to become proficient in #GAFE.

3 – Teachers are worried about cheating.  This is the biggest issue for teachers.  I have explained to them that it is just as easy for students to cheat when they type up a paper and print it out, but teachers seem to think this would be even more likely with online apps.

So, this is where I need help.  My questions:

1. Does your school use Google Apps For Education, and how do you stop students from cheating/sharing Docs/copying each others work?

2. How can I show my teachers that this is a viable alternative to the traditional print-and-hand-it-in?


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