InfoPics with Tony Vincent

I’ve been a fangirl of Tony Vincent since I saw his Keynote at the Powering Up With Technology conference in PGCounty, MD, several years ago.


I just watched his infopics video and my mind is blown with the TONS of apps that he presented.  So I wanted to list them all here so I can find them easily in one place.


First of all, an infopic is a picture that has text overlaid on top of it.  The text gives further information about the subject of the picture.  This would be a great activity for students!  Have them take a picture, or use a Creative Commons image, and then overlay some text to inform the viewer about a topic the class is studying.  This can be adapted to almost any content area.


Here is Tony Vincent’s video about infopics.


Next, here are the apps he mentioned in the video (I’m sure I missed a few):


I’m setting a goal for myself:  I am going to meaningfully create and use at least two infopics by the end of next week.


What will you and your students do with infopics?



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