Day 8 – A Professional Book Selection

My topic for today’s blogging challenge is a book I have read for professional purposes.  The book I am recommending is Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better And How They Can Change The World, by Jane McGonigal.   


This book may seem an odd choice for an educational read, but it has many tie ins to educational theory.  This book isn’t just about playing games.  It’s about how the theory behind our favorite (and the best) games can apply to other areas of our lives, especially education.  For example, two of McGonigal’s Four Secrets to Happiness, corroborated by years of psychological research, is that we crave “satisfying work,” and “social connection.”  Combine these two and you are more likely to have a successful and fun learning experience.  She advocates 14 “fixes” that would make the real world, and our participation in it, as fulfilling as video games.  These are things such as “tackling unnecessary obstacles” in order to increase our self motivation, and “seeking more epic wins” by achieving things on a grander and more self-fulfilling scale.

Teachers can incorporate these things into their classroom to make lessons more fun, fulfilling, and engaging for students.  

For more information, I found a thorough and excellent review of the book here.


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