Day 7 – Classroom Management

As a technology educator, I fight a constant battle.  Students LOVE technology, but don’t always want to use it the way I want them to.  They want to play games. All. The. Time.

One simple way I deal with this is to make sure all of the computer screens are facing me.  I placed tables around the perimeter of the room, with monitors on the front wall, back wall, and on two tables in the sides of the room, facing inwards.



This way, when I am in the front of the room, giving directions from the front computer and screen, or even if I am walking around helping students, I can see all of the computers with one quick glance.  It really helps cut down on off task behavior.  

Of course, there are always those students who try to minimize the window of the game they are trying to play “on the sly” … as if I wouldn’t know what they are doing!!  For those cases, I have a discussion with them about honesty.  I tell them, if you have to hide what you are doing, then you are not doing the right thing, and you KNOW IT.  Which is even worse.  Even the students can’t argue with that one!


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