Day Four – Ideas From Class

Hello! Today is the fourth day of the Blogging Challenge, and I’m having fun!  I hope you are too.  I love how a format like this helps me figure out what to blog about.

Today I am sharing an idea from my classes this week.  A while ago I heard about a cute “avatar” builder called Build Your Wild Self.  I’ve incorporated it into my second grade curriculum.  During their classroom unit on animals, we use this tool to create a fantastical animal character, and then write a story about it.  Here’s how it works:

First, go to  Click Start.


You will begin with a blank canvas, and choose whether you want your character to be a boy or girl.  Then you can begin adding features using the buttons in the middle of the screen.  Here’s an example:



When you are done, DON’T CLICK “I’m done.”  If you want to use this character in a word document, it looks better if you keep this smaller version, rather than the full page version you get when you click done.

Then, press the “PrintScreen” button on your keyboard, which takes a screenshot of your finished creature, and paste it into a Word document.  Now your students can write about their character.  You could have them describe the different animal parts, tell about their imaginary character traits, or write an original story.  What other ideas can you think of?


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