Day Three – Essential Website!

The theme for today’s blog is “One Website You Can’t Live Without.”  Well, there are many.  I’m kinda addicted to the internet. Perhaps I should seek help. 😉  


But, for today I will mention just one, and that is how I found out about this blogging challenge in the first place.  It’s…. FEEDLY!

Feedly is a blog feed aggregator.  That means, it lets you put in your favorite blog addresses and then displays them all for you in one place.  I love to read what other teachers are doing in their classrooms, such as Kevin Jarrett’s K4STEMLab; and find out about educational websites from great resources such as Richard Byrnes’ FreeTech4Teachers.  But I don’t have time to sit and click through EVERY blog I want to read.  Just the time spent typing in all the addresses would take me an hour.  And I probably couldn’t remember them all.  I also categorize my feed, because I follow not only educational blogs, but also blogs by other moms, recipe blogs, craft/DIY blogs, and fashion blogs.  




Feedly puts it all into an easy to read format.  I can tackle one category at a time, or just go through the list of posts by most recent.  I can also organize them to display pictures, and arrange them on the page so it sort of looks like a newspaper. But I prefer a nice, simple list, and I just go through post by post to see if there is anything I can learn from or find new websites to try with my students or share with my colleagues.  It’s easy to sign up, just go to and create an account.  Click on “Add Content” and paste in the address of a blog you want to read (like and you’re off and running!  You can also browse for content based on keywords.  So if you want to find blogs about computer science or recipes or whatever, just type it in the search box and feedly will show you blogs that fit that description.


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