Day Two – Organizing files in the Computer Lab

So, it’s Day Two of the Blogging Challenge, and today’s topic is Organizational Tips.  I teach k-8 classes once a week in the Computer Lab, and we do a variety of activities from web apps, to STEM activities, to Programming, to basic Office program functions such as Word Processing.  When I have a new document for students to work on, especially for the younger students, I often create a Template for them to start with.  Then, I make multiple copies of the template to match the number of computers I have in the Lab.



Then the students click the “Student Work” Link on the desktop, which links to my file server in the lab.  They choose their grade level and teacher, and then click on the number that matches the number sticker on the top of their monitor.


This is helpful for many reasons:

1. It gives practice navigating through the file system

2. It is easy even for the youngest students to find the right file

3. Each student has their own document so my master copy doesn’t get deleted or saved over

4. It makes saving easy at the end of class – all they have to do is click the Floppy Disk icon!


Another thing I do to make it easier to find their file is move the files to the “Done” folder after we are finished with them.  Then there is less visual clutter to comb through.


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