Day One: A Favorite Book

So, it’s Day One of the Blogging Challenge, and the topic is a favorite book to share or teach.  I have many books that I use in my curriculum, but today I will talk about The Best Part of MeImage 

My First Grade classes have an “All About Me” unit in the beginning of the year, so this book ties in nicely. It is by Wendy Ewald, with pictures and descriptions by the students in Lisa Lord’s class in North Carolina.  The children describe favorite things about themselves and then Ms. Ewald took their photos in poses the students chose.

I replicate this with my First Graders, but on a smaller scale.  After we read the book together, I have them use Microsoft Word (I’m a computer teacher) to type a short sentence or two about their favorite part of themselves.  Then, I have them pair up with a buddy and teach them all how to use the digital camera.  They already know how to point and shoot, but most of them don’t know how to zoom or push the shutter release down halfway to wait for the focus.  They take each others’ pictures, and then I help them insert the pictures into their documents.

Here are a few examples:


The students really enjoy this lesson. I put their documents on a bulletin board in the hallway and they love seeing their pictures displayed for the whole school to see.


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