My Lab

I did some re-decorating of my computer lab this August, and I just wanted to share how it turned out.  I’m currently on Maternity Leave, after (surprise!) going into labor three weeks early last Friday!  Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m already looking forward to getting back into my classroom, because I’m a control freak I miss my students and I worked so hard this summer on my new curriculum.


So, let’s begin the tour!  When you first walk into the room, to your right is a giant whiteboard.  I thought the wall area over there was a little bland, so I dressed it up with some tissue paper pompoms I saw on Pinterest.


To the left of this wall, there is a long wall of windows.  They are great because they let in lots of natural light, but I can close the shades so they don’t let in too much light for my screen on the opposite wall.  I just wanted to spruce up this area a bit, so I made a cute banner out of some of my leftover scrapbook paper.



On this wall, in between the two banks of windows, are also posted my classroom rules.  I teach in a Christian school, and I aligned my rules with the fruits of the spirit!


Moving around the room, there are some printers in the back, and a little soon-to-be seating area, which I haven’t finished yet.  I will share that after I come back from Maternity Leave.  Then there is my server closet, where my thin client server and the school servers, as well as the cable junctions and ethernet hubs reside. Oh, boy, that’s a topic for another post!  But on the outside of the closet is where I put my Early Finisher Challenges.  I will explain more about these in a later post, but basically they are activities for the students to complete if they finish their work, without just wasting their time surfing the internet.

early finisher


Coming around to the “front” of the room (where my screen is), I have some icon posters that I made, to remind the students of frequently-used icons, such as “Save” and “Print.”

icon posters


And finally, on the wall next to these is our “USA Buddies” map.  I started a group this summer of teachers who want to connect through Skype and share information about their home states.  When I get back to school, I hope to do some Mystery Skypes with them, email each other and learn about landforms and climate in each other’s states, and just get to know them and their classes.

usa buddies map


So that is basically most of what I have going on around the room.  I feel kind of detached right now, being home and focusing on my recovery and my new son.  His name is Jackson, and he’s been having some respiratory issues that have kept him in the NICU so far, but he’s doing much better and should be home soon. 🙂


Thanks for taking the tour of my lab! See you again soon!



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